New project in the works: Atlanta time-lapse

Finishing my “EuroLapse” project has motivated me to start working on another time lapse project. This time, I’m going to feature my hometown, Atlanta! I’m hoping to use some dolly movements for this project as it wasn’t possible to carry all that extra gear around Europe for three months.

I’m planning on incorporating some of Atlanta’s best views and major icons, such as the CNN Center, World of Coca Cola, Stone Mountain, etc. My first shots were taken at Bobby Dodd Stadium yesterday, right here in midtown. I was fortunate enough to gain access to the stands and ended up getting a nice thunderstorm rolling through the city last night.

I’m super pumped about this project and can’t wait to start getting some of these shots down. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Florida for the next few weeks, so I won’t be able to shoot in Atlanta for a while. But, I’m hoping to have this done sometime around the end of summer.