Spring Snow in Lithuania

Back again to Lithuania for two weeks. I’ve been wanting to go during the winter to see Vilnius covered with a blanket of snow, but I’ve also been warned about the ridiculously frigid temperatures. But I got very lucky with this trip. Apparently, the weather had been pretty nice just before we arrived. A few days after we got there, a big snowstorm came rolling through and dumped about 4-5 inches on us. And all this without any crazy minus temps.

We actually got a small little dusting of snow a few days before the bigger storm came through. This photo was taken in the backyard of Inna’s mom’s house in Lentvaris, just outside of Vilnius.

The day of the snowstorm, we were running about Vilnius taking care of some errands. The snow started getting pretty heavy, so we headed home. I got these shots in the small town of Lentvaris.

It snowed all night and I really wanted to go down to Vilnius to take some shots of the city, so we headed down there in the morning. Unfortunately, since it was kind of a warmer spring snow, it didn’t stick all that well and melted fairly quickly when the sun broke out. But we still got to walk around Vilnius for a few hours, including a trip to the top of Gediminas Tower to get some nice views.
On our way home, we stopped by Trakai, which is another small town outside of Vilnius. It’s famous for its lakes and the Trakai Island Castle. A lot of the snow had already melted by this time, but it was still a beautiful sight.

I’m really glad I got to see Lithuania with some snow this time. I’m even happier that it wasn’t minus 20 degrees!

Now, it’s off to Vegas next week to get married. I’m sure I’ll have something to post after that trip!