A few weeks ago, I traveled to Lithuania with Inna to see where she grew up and to visit her mother. While I’ve been fortunate enough to see most of Western Europe, the farthest East I’ve been is Germany. Now, Lithuania doesn’t quite get the same attention as other European countries. There’s no Eiffel Tower, no Colosseum, no breathtaking Alps. But just like the rest of the continent, it has a loooong history. One castle we visited was built in the 14th Century. And apparently, the first written mention of Lithuania can be dated back to 1009. The U.S. didn’t even exist until almost 800 years later. Now THAT’S old. But what I really loved about Lithuania is the laid-back attitude of the country. And again, just like the rest of Europe, there’s a huge emphasis on food and drink. Cepelinai, kibinai, whatever-ai. It’s all amazing. 

Ok, so maybe you’re only in Europe for a week or two and you’re checking out Paris, London, Barcelona, etc. All beautiful. And yes, Lithuania is not necessarily next door. But if you ever get past Germany, definitely make a stop in Lithuania, even if it’s just Vilnius for a day or two. You won’t regret it!

Gediminas Tower

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