London, Amsterdam, Paris, & Vilnius via iPhone

On May 24th, we set out to Lithuania to set up home base for about three months. From there, we’ve decided to take some side trips to travel parts of Europe. Our first side trip took us to London, Amsterdam, then train to Paris and back to Vilnius. We just booked a week-long excursion to Greece and we’re currently trying to plan a Scandinavian trip as well. 

These are just some random shots taken with my iPhone over the last few weeks, in chronological order. 

Photo_10 Photo_20 Photo_3 Photo_4 Photo_5 Photo_31 Kebabs Photo_32 Wizz Photo_33 Photo_13 Cap Photo_12 Photo_11 Photo_14 Photo_21 Photo_22 Inna3 Photo_23 Photo_15 Inna1 Photo_24 Photo_1 Photo_2 Inna2 Mona Louvre Eiffel App Dessert Copenhagen Hangover Vilnius Beer