So I finally finished my time lapse of Europe. As you may remember, Inna and I spent three months in Europe last summer, traveling to ten different countries while making Lithuania our homebase. I ended up shooting over 30,000 images to use in a time lapse, but I guess somewhere along, I put them all on the backburner while editing my “real” photos from the trip. So I recently got back to them and started the long process of putting it all together.

I did some initial processing in Aperture and then exported all the images as JPGs in their original size. Then I stitched each time lapse sequence in Quicktime and then brought them into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, where I fixed any flicker issues I had and applied some pans and zooms.

It ended up taking me about two weeks or so to put everything together, but a lot of that time was spent applying adjustments to 30,000 photos in Aperture and then exporting them out, and also rendering in Premiere. (However, I do want to say that Premiere blows Final Cut Pro out of the water! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing!)

At any rate… here it is! If you go to the video’s page on Vimeo, you can read some more details about it. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

EuroLapse from David Smith on Vimeo.

London, Amsterdam, Paris, & Vilnius via iPhone

On May 24th, we set out to Lithuania to set up home base for about three months. From there, we’ve decided to take some side trips to travel parts of Europe. Our first side trip took us to London, Amsterdam, then train to Paris and back to Vilnius. We just booked a week-long excursion to Greece and we’re currently trying to plan a Scandinavian trip as well. 

These are just some random shots taken with my iPhone over the last few weeks, in chronological order. 

Photo_10 Photo_20 Photo_3 Photo_4 Photo_5 Photo_31 Kebabs Photo_32 Wizz Photo_33 Photo_13 Cap Photo_12 Photo_11 Photo_14 Photo_21 Photo_22 Inna3 Photo_23 Photo_15 Inna1 Photo_24 Photo_1 Photo_2 Inna2 Mona Louvre Eiffel App Dessert Copenhagen Hangover Vilnius Beer